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344.30 // BREAKING NEWS: Order Unveils Ilum and Rannon Branches


Everyone thought the Jedi Order was down and out when it came to the war against the Imperium, but today the High Council authorized the media to travel to their once secret praxeum on Rannon, which accommodates Jedi students and mentors who previously resided at the Alzoc 3 enclave. High Councilor Amalia Feyn, along with branch Councilors Arven Silaan and Cael Dan’kor, spoke with journalists in their home’s cantina, discussing the advances forward the Order has made in rebuilding. Among the developments mentioned by the High Councilor is the re-establishment of the agricultural corps and the reconstitution of the Ilum branch. Previously, the public was aware of only one remaining branch on Ossus, but with today’s revelations it would appear that there are in fact three.

The Jedi Masters assured press that the secrecy was a necessary part of their efforts to rebuild but the disadvantages in keeping things confidential began to hinder the rebuilding process rather than benefit. While efforts to recuperate will continue, the Jedi have committed to increase their participation in the war effort, reiterating the danger the Imperium presents to our way of life;

The Sith have clearly targeted the Jedi but don’t be fooled, their objective is to conquer the Galaxy. Their ruthless efforts to weaken the Order has all been about removing the force that could oppose them the most.

This evil cannot be allowed to go unchallenged. We won’t forget who we are and we’ll defend democracy against the authoritarian agenda of the Imperium.

Strong words from the High Council’s spokeswoman. It sounds like the Jedi are well and truly back in the game.