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345.20 // Ketaris Crowns New Queen


We’re reporting from the Royal Palace in the heart of the capital city of Ketaris. Today has seen a spectacular celebration as the planet welcomes the ascension of Queen Malia to the throne, the youngest Queen in royal record. The joyous scenes we’ve been seeing in the plaza today have been a rarity on Ketaris since the beginning of the war, with Imperium troops causing havoc in the smaller settlements. Today also celebrated the life of the previous King and Queen, whose lives were tragically ended in a transporter crash some days ago. Ketaris’ ministry has blamed the Sith for their deaths and revealed evidence that it was in fact an assassination.

The newly crowned Queen Malia promised stronger partnerships with the Republic in hopes to rid the Imperium from her homeworld once and for all. She had the following to say:

My mother and father’s death will not be for nothing. They will be avenged and the Sith will see that the people of Ketaris are not so easily broken.

Strong words. Queen Malia’s transformation from a reserved princess to a leader is becoming quite clear to us all.