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346.16 // Vigilante Justice?

A surprising story from Corellia, where rumor has it that vigilante justice has been handed out over the past few cycles. The newest report dates from 344.14 ABY at approximately 0400 GST in the morning. An officer with CorSec was first responder to a scene that was later described as ‘grizzly at best.’ Witnesses initially alerted security when a firefight broke out between local gang members. While forces were scrambled to contain the violent outbreak a new report came in of a masked individual entering the premises of the facility, and leaving soon after it had become quiet.

Sources within CorSec have rumored that the cause of death of a number criminals was attributed to plasma burns not conforming to standard blaster technology. One mentioned the possibility of Jedi involvement. No statement has been made about the names of the deceased, but there are reports that almost all casualties were members of the Meatlump or Ragtag gangs. A Captain Obtario, a twenty year serviceman to CorSec commented:

“I’m a huge fan of the Jedi. They’ve often been a boon to the security of our planet over the centuries, and I look forward to working with more of them. Yet we cannot overlook the possibility of unsanctioned involvement. While do not condone actions these criminals have committed in the past, our justice system allows them all fair trial. The culprit will be found, and brought into custody as soon as possible.”