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343.31 // An Unexpected Development

Yuuzhan Vong

A few days ago, a Republic Vessel reported to a nearby fleet stationed over Iridonia. The report confirmed an Imperium scout convoy was utterly destroyed in an effort to enter Yuuzhan Vong space. Republic military tacticians suggest it was a failed attempt to gauge the Yuuzhan Vong’s borders and susceptibility to attack.

Republic General H. Kardford at an earlier press conference stated: “At this point in time we cannot be certain of the scout convoy’s intentions. We strongly believe, however, this to be a failed strategic movement. We should take their failure as an example: the Imperium is not perfect and makes mistakes which we must learn to exploit! We cannot feel overcome by their military. We must use the incident to strengthen our cause and moral!”

The Yuuzhan Vong has offered no comment on the incident.