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341.19 // Hero at Home

In the wake of the war between the Republic and Imperium, many on Corellia, like all of us, are finding it difficult to cope with the losses of their loved ones away at war. It is no secret supplies are strained and resources dwindling. In an attempt to help – Corellian local, Human boy, 10, Yu Equis, began gathering supplies for our honorable men and women. Yu Equis coordinated with his school to start a food and supplies drive for the Republic and New Empire. Slowly other educational facilities are doing the same. It’s now recorded Yu’s influence has resulted in over several thousand cans, and the numbers continue to raise.

We received this statement from Yu:

”When I got home from school one day I noticed several food cans sitting in my pantry. My dad and I rarely eat food from cans, so I thought… maybe the military could use it! My mom’s at war, stationed on the S.S. Magistrate over Bandomear, and it’s been difficult. I hope news of this reaches her and I make her proud. Love you, mom!”

This inspiring boy is a shining example of the hope and intuitiveness that the Republic needs. Yu encourages for other schools from various worlds to do the same. One ‘can’ will make a difference.