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341.19 // Conflict on Socorro


A few days ago, an image captured on holorecording by a passing civilian, showed what authorities believe to be a altercation between two people, one wielding a lightsaber and the other a vibroblade. Those captured on the device were not identified, however, authorities have obtained the vibroblade, that was left behind at the scene, which is now in evidence lockup.

Not much information has been released publicly but many have speculated over whether the lightsaber wielder in the image is Jedi, Sith or perhaps something else.

Other witnesses claim there was a third man present during the time of the conflict, though this has not been confirmed.

Later in the evening of the incident mentioned above, authorities carried out an arrested at their headquarters. A man was brought in by an unknown individual then taken into custody. The arrest is believed to be linked to the earlier image. The arrested suspect was identified as a Bounty Hunter, whose contract included the assassination of a man named “Leoabr Heahod” that mysteriously died that evening in a bar in of which he was the manager.