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341.18 // Duros King Dies

duroskingA Portrait of King Limmaal

Hundreds of thousands of Duros are in mourning today as the death of King Iroas Limmaal was announced. He died a natural death at the age of 82, in the Ranadaast, where he will be buried in a public funeral. The next in line to succeed King Limmaal is his son, Prince Felasi Limmaal II. He will remain in line until he comes of age, with Queen Soora assuming the throne in temporary measure.

Queen Soora asks that we remember King Limmaal for his temperance and kindness.

“He would help the poor with little regard for their condition, he raised a kind, intelligent son and two daughters. A testament to a great man, he will be dearly missed. I pray we all remember him for his temperance and kind manner.”