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339.08 // Imperial Royalty on Coruscant | Empress Exclusive

Several days ago the Republic met combat with the Imperium on Bastion in a final attempt to liberate the planet and save Empress Fel. In addition, the remnants of the Jedi Order fought in this battle. They failed to save the planet, and Bastion has now fallen under Imperium control. Countless Jedi, Imperial, and Republic lives were killed in the process. The Jedi Order receiving the worst damage. Their numbers few, and more divided than ever before.

Late yesterday night a shuttle littered with mutilation arrived on Coruscant. In this shuttle carried the physically expired daughter of the Emperor, Bellitria Fel, with her Imperial Knight captain.

After a speedy recovery, the young, militant, and strong Bellitria Fel addressed the Republic senate and Chief of State in hope of shedding light on the Empire’s fall and death of her father – with three Imperial Knights at her side.

”Delegates of the Republic, I am Bellitria Fel, daughter to the late Emperor Pertinax Fel. I am here today due to the effectual work of the Republic military, and the very tragic, sacrificial death of Jedi Knight Tergos Zemnos, and many others who I do not have the time to say.

In addition, I am here at the behest of my now deceased father to confer the reasons why the Empire fell.

With the blessing of my father shortly before his passing, I have been granted the definitive right to state the reason at the expense of tarnishing the Fel legacy. It can be described in two words: pride and stubbornness.

My father intended to expand his growing Empire by colonizing planets within unknown space. All seemed well for a year, then we lost contact with the expedition for some time until their mysterious return to Bastion. When we questioned the men and women who served in the expedition, they had barely any recollection at all. Most if not all who served were discharged and sent home for recuperation.

In the forgotten time spent in unknown space, we believe the organization One Sith infiltrated our once illustrious Empire and began tearing it apart from the inside. It began once these soldiers returned to their respective homes. One by one, systems seceded from the Empire with no declared reason in doing so. In fear of appearing weak to the Republic, my father ceased interaction between the Republic and Empire, snubbing you all at every turn to avoid public attention.

My father attempted to discreetly and quietly pleaded with the now neutral systems to return to the Empire.

Failing after failing, my father grew increasingly frustrated, making him reckless and careless. Rashly he ordered the immediate and militant seizure of the lost systems; only for the lost systems and some of his own to turn against him, lead by numerous Moffs and soldiers, the majority from the expedition sent to the unknown regions. They attempted a coup d’├ętat, later revealed to be the workings of the supposed banished dark side organization, ‘One Sith’.

Even as the Sith closed in on Bastion, my father would not contact the Republic for help. After his death, I saw no other choice but to contact you for aid. It was through this you were able to countermeasure the Imperium before they turned to you and ultimately save the lives me and my men.

I have reason and evidence to support the Sith were behind this illness that once plagued the Republic. All information will be handed to the Republic shortly after my speech has ended.

To conclude, I’d like to apologize for my father’s actions and reaffirm the true Empire, lead by me, Empress Fel, stands at your side until the bitter end. I will do my best to help the war effort tactically with whatever men and women I have at my disposal.

And, to my people under Sith occupation, if you somehow hear this message, I pledge to you one day I will liberate you from the Sith and kill the Dark Lord mercilessly for what he’s done to you and the Republic!”

Many within the Republic question what the Empress’ involvement will mean for the war effort. With the troubling news of the Sith truly being behind the plague that killed countless of innocent lives and the destruction of the Jedi, the morale of every soldier to defeat the Sith Imperium has increased exponentially and we hope it will be a driving force until this war is over.