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339.07 // New Chief Healer

Ari Tolen, Jedi Master on the Circle of Healers, announced today Master Coren Ran has been named interm-Chief Healer of the Jedi Order. This decision came in light of news that the previous Chief Healer, Master Miran Alavai passed away after entering the recent conflict with the Imperium. The remaining Jedi Masters on the Circle of Healers voted in private to elevate Master Ran to the position of interm Chief Healer.

Master Ran had this to say about the appointment.

I would like to thank the other Masters for their vote of confidence to be the Chief Healer of the Jedi Order. It’s an honour to lead the Circle of Healers. But with new opportunities on the horizon, it’s time for me to begin the transition from teacher and mentor to retirement. Right now, my total focus is here with the Order and Circle of Healers, and I look forward to working with the High Council to continue strengthening our Healers and the MediCorps while ensuring a smooth transition to a new Chief Healer.

I look forward to working closely to build on the foundation Master Alavai left and further accelerate our momentum as we seek to strengthen our organization, and push the limits of what our Healers can be. My job will be to change the culture, and get it moving in the right direction and leave a strong base for the new Chief Healer.