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339.13 // Incident on Edusa

Investigations on an Orveth mining colony on Edusa this morning resulted in the arrest of Republic Intelligence Agent Grath Harrick. Reports indicate that the situation came to a head earlier this cycle after Republic troops and a Jedi were misled into invading the mining colony, resulting in one casualty.

The colony’s owner, Loree Arak, and Republic forces Captain Derru Solari testified against Harrick, who will be put on trial later this month for bribery and fraudulent use of Republic resources. A warrant for larceny was also issued for elusive entrepreneur and accomplice Tylo Drimen, though so far no leads have been pursued.

The news has caused the price of Orveth to raise by an average of .23 credits per unit across Republic territories. Experts released a statement expressing concern that this event and others like it will result in a reduction in blaster canister production.