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338.10 // Senator Resigns


Controversial Senator and deputy leader of the United Republic Coalition today announced her resignation from the Senate, claiming she would no longer be contesting the next election and called for an immediate by-election on her home planet of Corellia. The Senator and former Jedi Knight, who famously criticized the Jedi in the past, has remained silent about the recent scandal and death toll of the Order, also refusing to comment about the recent attack on the Arkanian branch.

She had this to say at her press conference earlier this morning;

I have proudly served the people of Corellia for over four terms now. I have both achieved great successes and made mistakes during my tenure in the Senate. But I can say I have never wavered from my values and convictions and consistently strived to do what I thought to be the right thing.

I know there has been a lot of public interest in what I think on recent events, with the Jedi Order experiencing the level of media scrutiny that it currently is. However, I wish to make it clear to everyone here today and those listening that I will be reserved and extremely selective about any future public commentary I offer up that regards the Jedi Order.

It is no secret I’ve been at odds with the Order on a personal and philosophical level for some time now. My experiences as a Jedi are real ones and the alienation and hardship I felt as a Knight was real and haunts me still. With that said, I feel it is no longer appropriate to monopolize politically on the death and destruction that the Order currently endures, despite my supporters and colleagues urging me to do so.

However, my colleagues in the United Republic Coalition have a right to say what they wish. The benefits of living in a democracy is the ability to voice our opinions publicly even when those views are unpopular, and I still believe no-one, not even the Order, should be immune to criticism. I will defend that right to my death, no one can or ever should try to forcefully silence anyone.

But with all that said, I feel my time in public life has come to an end, at least for now. I’m not quite sure what the future holds for me but that is a personal journey I will take over the next few years, I’m sure. Thank you everyone.

With that, the soon to be former Senator left the conference in a rush and refused to answer anymore questions.