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338.22 // Republic Recognizes the Imperium


The Republic senate has recognized the existence of the Imperium, currently staging war on the Galactic Empire. Along side a diplomatic package from the mysterious government, the Imperium announced they would crush anyone who stands in their way of regaining their rightful territory. The autocratic and fascist agenda is currently scheduled for discussion in the senate, alongside a call for a meeting with the leaders of the Imperium, to discuss a treaty of non-aggression.

With the diplomatic package, has also come information regarding the state of the war. It is understood the capital and surrounding systems have fallen to the regime of the Imperium, with the Emperor nowhere to be seen. Imperial forces are said to be fighting with little success, according to the Imperium, staying:

“The Imperial forces are greatly outnumbered, and are hopelessly naive to think they stand any chance against our forces. We can and will take what is ours, no matter who stands in our way.”

Galactic HoloNews will be updating the galactic charts, identifying the warzone. We advise all who wish to travel avoid this sector as its highly unstable and dangerous. Stay tuned for more.