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337.19 // Scandal in the Jedi Order. Coruscant Branch Essentially Wiped Out


Story of the cycle today, after a live interview with a High Councilor of the Jedi Order exposes a shocking scandal

After an investigation into the harsh decline of activity from the Jedi Order – it was discovered that many Jedi had actually died as a result of the virus, wiping out 90% of the Coruscant branch. It seems that the Jedi Order has been hit the hardest by this virus and has kept their dwindling numbers a secret.

The Jedi Order then offered an exclusive interview with one of their High Councilors, promising to provide us with many long anticipated answers. After being transported to an undisclosed location, our reporter, Tom Dailvy, met with Jedi Master Sebastin Creed in what proved to be one of the most explosive impromptu announcements made in recent years.

The Jedi Master stated that the Order had been in possession of a cure for a number of cycles, but had held off on revealing the details to anyone while they continued to do tests.

It was at this point that another Jedi stepped forward and cut the interview short.

Why has the Jedi Order kept this a secret from the Republic? What has the Jedi Order been doing all this time? Has the Jedi Council been divided over the shocking secrecy?

Deputy Chief of State Asujin Tirhamo is set to speak before the Senate soon. Her speech, her spokesperson tell us, is meant to ‘squash tension within the Republic, forever. But also asks us to be accepting and calm of what he has to say.’