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337.14 // Jedi Order: At Death’s Door?

Breaking news!

Earlier this morning, GSN reporter Tok Dailvy spoke with Padawan Learner Jin Fals’oo, confirmed apprentice to High Councilor Erzent Xileen. Notably, there has been an extreme decrease in the Jedi Order’s activity in the Galaxy, not only in the Core due the travel ban. The High Council has not fought against it publicly, besides Jedi Padawan Wrennin Vae’s speech, meaning no effort from the Council has been made for it to be lifted. Padawan Fals’oo’s claim? …Allegedly, the Jedi Order has faced catastrophic loss at the hands of the plague.

“The High Council has not fought the travel ban to conceal the Order’s losses. The Order too has been plagued. It is the cause of so many a death within the Order. …I could not hide this from the general public, because I believe they had a right to know why their protectors have not been as active as we have been in the past. I do not care what the Order does to me for sharing this information. I follow the Force’s will, not their’s. Why would they keep this secret? I do not know. Honesty and transparency are principles of the Jedi Code. Principles they clearly have forgotten.”

Deputy Chief of State Asujin Tirahimo spoke with the High Council at the demand of the Senate. The High Council has agreed to conduct a LIVE interview with the GSN Team at the Yavin IV Temple, with High Councilors Sebastin Creed, Erzent Xileen and Vrita’senv’ila on 337.16 around 1500 GST, to confront the allegations in what many are calling ”the interview of the century”.