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337.20 // Emergency Conference Called at the Senate

Coruscant Senate Chambers

Breaking News! A speaker from the Chief of State’s PR group called an emergency conference with interplanetary media journalists today. We are crossing over live to our Zeltron at the Senate, Terina Vay.

“Thanks Yunith, we are expecting the Deputy Chief of State, Asujin Tirahimo, any moment n- in fact, yes, I can see him. He’s taking to the stand now, we can hear what the announcement will be.”

“Thank you everyone for being here, we appreciate that, in recent times, things have been a little hectic and we have not been able to keep the public apprised of the situation we are in across the galaxy – together.

We have decided to keep this announcement as brief as possible and we will not be taking any questions, so that we may return to work in dealing with this devastating epidemic and keeping the people safe from it.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that the current Chief of State, Melucia, has fallen ill and is in critical condition as of today. Measures have been taken, and I was sworn into being the Chief of State earlier this morning, until such a time where another can be elected.

::The audience begins to yell and scream in terror::

Senators… SENATORS! I know this is tough for all of you. But I promise, I will hold the Republic together. We -must- hold it together. This plague has been enough to deal with, let alone problems with other governments in the Galaxy. Therefore, to start, I plan to enter negotiations with the Empire, and intend to -speak politely- with the High Council in regard to this supposed cure. It is my intention to stop this chaos once and for all. I will be relentless in my efforts. Nothing and I mean NOTHING will get in the way of peace!

Thank you.”

Thank you Terina Vay, shocking news. We will be right back with more on this.