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337.04 // A Senator’s Demand

Dantooine Senator Fie Nevuo addressed the Republic Senate this morning in what many are calling a risky ‘plea for help’. In his speech the senator relayed grievances regarding the growing military presence in the Dantooine system.

”I come to you now not as a Senator, but a frightened citizen of Dantooine. The people of my planet grow restless, anxious, in response to the ever-growing military presence in the system. If the Chief of State is aware of an impending attack from the Empire, why is it my people suffer in wait? Why is it that people shudder at the sound of any large noise? Well, I cannot and will not allow this to continue.

…I am declaring, under advisement from Dantooine’s leaders, a state of emergency, and demanding a planetary wide evacuation, funded and orchestrated by the Senate. If the evacuation is not granted, I am threatening a secession from the Republic, or worse yet, joining the Empire to better the security of the great people of Dantooine.”

This threat left the Senate in an uproar. Few convey sympathy for Senator Neuvo, but most claim his threat treasonous.