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337.27 // Jedi Order and Republic Reconcile

A riot outside of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant was held today as Republic diplomats deliberated with the High Council of the Jedi Order, regarding withholding key information from the Republic in regard to the plague.

In what seemed to be a reprimanding and persecution has turned out to be one of reconciliation. The Jedi Order argued whoever created this illness was ”sinister in nature”, and bringing their work to light would instigate onslaught from this seemingly hidden and mysterious enemy, something they nor the Republic could afford. The Order then speculated they felt the Republic, but more specifically, the Order has been targeted.

The Order has offered their medical facility or ”quarantine zone” on Arkania, for any who are plagued by this illness; regardless of whether or not you have medical insurance. Republic transports will wait in a sectioned off portion of the spaceport in sector 0021, simply bring an identification tag and your ill body. Security in the Core has been raised beyond measures as a precaution to the Jedi’s warning.