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337.28 // Breaking News: War on Bastion!

Leaked pictures from G.R.I.D (Galactic Republic Intelligence Division) suggest the capital world of Bastion is under siege by an unrecognized faction! Many speculate it to be the manifestation of unknown civil strife at its boiling point, however the Imperial Ambassador, Segoa Drannis, has released a public statement claiming otherwise;

Citizens of the Republic,
War has ensued within the territory of the New Empire, antagonized by an unknown fleet, which is not only well equipped, but knowledgeable in critical intelligence of Bastion’s weaknesses. I am unable to establish contact with the Royal Citadel, but it is logical to assume they are conducting a counter-defense to this savage assault. I ask all of you to please withhold questions. I am in the dark as much as you. And advise you, Chief Tirahimo, as former friend and allies during the Attrition Wars, to fortify your defenses in the North.
A security image was also leaked, taken from the surveillance equipment monitoring the streets of Bastion. A banner showing an insignia is visible, with troops on the ground. It appears this conflict is far from ending, with catastrophic deaths in the wake of this war. A warning that the following material may be shocking to viewers.


A quarter of the Star Destroyers left the boarder, as well, and have likely returned to Bastion. Chief Tirahimo has taken Ambasador Drannis’ advise, and ordered the Republic Navy to make preparations for war. Additionally, the Chief is organizing and is soon to send shuttles to evacuate the Dantooine system. Thoughts and prayers from the GSN Team for those on Bastion and Republic planets near Imperial Space.