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332.09 // Hypocrisy in The Senate

Latest senate polls show support for the Corellian Senator plummeting after what can only be described as hypocritical procedures.

Being the instigator for the Jedi Order to be investigated for their actions in the galaxy, the Senator from Correlia is now relying on a Jedi’s support for her own personal protection.

This has had many in the senate speculating on her true reasons behind the push. The Senator of Dantooine, Kea Mastruk, had this to say…

How can we stand behind Senator Sandria, when she herself relies on the protection of the Jedi? The people of Dantooine will stay loyal with the Jedi and we urge the other systems to remain so. The Jedi have only ever protected us, and continue to do so.

Furthermore, there is no clear evidence being provided against this Jedi ‘attacker’ we’ve only heard her word and seen a holo-photo of him being present! I do hope the Judge see’s this for what it is… Slander

More on this development as it comes…