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332.02 // Jedi Knight Accepts Guilty Plea

We’re coming in live from Corellia today where the accused Jedi Knight, who has now been identified as Kieran Orion, was sentenced to 1000 hours of community service and a 20,000 credit fine. This ruling has shocked interplanetary audiences.

Senator Sandria’s legal team had charged the Jedi intruder with two counts of breaking and entering, one count of aggravated assault and one count of attempted murder, which carried a maximum of sentence of life imprisonment. However, the majority of these charges were argued against in court, resulting in what many are describing as a highly mitigated sentence.

The trial’s judge has been a target of intense public backlash with many of Sandria’s constituency accusing the justice system of favoritism. However, the judge dismissed claims of propagating concessions for the Jedi Order, stating:

“I am well aware of the current political cross fire between senators and the members of the Jedi Order of late, and it has become increasingly obvious that the Jedi are not currently popular on Corellia. However, I do not feel that this justifies the mistreatment of the individual in question, regardless of background or culture. Everyone has equality under the law, whether they be a Jedi Knight or not.

My decisions today was a result of proper in depth analysis of the evidence that both sides brought before the jury. Master Orion was found guilty of the crimes he was proven to have committed and cleared of those he did not. It will be a matter for the Jedi Order to take further disciplinary action, not the Corellian justice system. However, I do feel this man has been properly held accountable for any wrong doing.

I do believe justice was served today”.

There has since been no word from Senator Sandria today, who has yet to formally address the media since the incident. The question on everyone’s mind is where to from here?