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331.22 // Healthy Bacteria Found on Kidron!


Scientists on Kidron have discovered a fungi that contains several types of healthy bacteria. These plants are known locally as one of the staple foods for the native Slorks who roam the swamplands. The bacteria is said to feed off calcium, which the fungus produces. Scientists are in the process of testing if the fungus works to treat calcification in the joints and muscles.

Health Minister of Kidron states, “We have been welcoming the research parties for some time now in a hope they can produce some effective research. This is certainly a breakthrough”.

However, locals worry that this discovery may have a negative impact on the system.

“I don’t want some industry moving in here building over the habitats to harvest the mushrooms. This might be good for others off world but they don’t realise the impact it has on the people who live near the resource”.

Local resident Kirea Xloma is concerned over the potential of the industry affecting the environment. “I agree that there may be some jobs from it, if it develops; but I don’t think thats worth the cost of my home! Been living here for fourty-eight years and I don’t think there’ll be any good of it!”. Armay Yaraness reporting.