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331.19 // Problems on Atzerri


The common Pemblehov District has claimed its 34th victim today, in light of a new drug epidemic sweeping the region. The ‘spice’, is a depressant. It attaches to the nervous system and numbs the senses whilst suppressing the user with a feeling of euphoria. It also slows the system so much that it renders it unconscious, often causing users to stop breathing. Its potency is surprising officials, but not the instance of it happening. A statement from municipal minister Drannen Wrep claims, ‘Sadly there’s always been a drug issue in this district but this most definitely not an epidemic. This new drug is much more devastating than ones developed before, but the government is going to provide CR300,000 to purchase new resources in the war on the criminal figures at fault for the recent increase in deaths’.

Reporting, Giyl Maran with Core Press.