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331.25 // Arkania Calls for Tolerance of the Jedi Order and Political Decency

As the debate on the future of the Jedi Order within the Galactic Republic grows, a surprising decree from Arkania has thrown a hydrospanner into the hyperdrive of the vocal Senator Sandria. The technocratic family of Adasca has decreed the immediate removal of Senator Thalias Silme in favour of the AdasCorp Administrator of Research and Development -and family member- Galan Adasca. A short statement from the newly appointed Senator revealed the following:

“Due to what we have observed as shifting political landscapes, we (the family of Adasca, red.) have decided to take a more proactive approach in the matters of Galactic state. I want to personally thank Thalias for his service to the people of Arkania and our family, and wish to assure that he has not fallen from grace, having done so much to push and provide for humanitarian aid to those in need during his time in the Senate.”

The senator, in line with previous comments by Silme, went on to denounce the comments made by the United Republic Coalition deputy leader senator Rita Sandria, claiming her efforts to be akin to ‘fear-mongering’ and will ‘have a sure destabilizing effect to the efforts of the Order which has protected the citizens of the Galaxy for millennia’. He further pointed out ‘an utter tastelessness’ in the utilization of a suicide for gain in the political arena, and asked the people of Corellia ‘to see their politicians with a critical mind.’

He concluded by stating that the people of Arkania will always support the Jedi Order in their efforts to aid those who are in need. Adasca subsequently declared the grounds of the Praxeum on Arkania as unconditionally sovereign soil under management of the Jedi Order, calling upon other planetary governments to issue similar decrees to safeguard the future of the Jedi Order in the Republic.

Sources say that Olim Adasca, Galan Adasca’s father, who has decided to take up the position of Administrator during his son’s political absence, once studied among the ranks of the Jedi Order. More on this story as it develops.