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331.02 // Deputy Leader of the United Republic Coalition demands Jedi Order Inquiry


Factional warlord and deputy leader of the newly formed “United Republic Coalition”, Senator Sandria, has declared in a recent interview the need for an official senate inquiry into the “culture of cover up” allegedly present in the Jedi Order.

Senator Sandria has routinely condemned the Jedi Order in the past, labelling it an “institute for indoctrination” that needed to learn accountability for its actions. She said;

“Reflecting back on my time in the Order, it was clear that some were doubtful over whether they were actually doing the right thing. For me, I realized good intentions were not enough and more often than not, it seemed like field assignments achieved very little in the way of actually helping people. Jedi would often leave regions they were deployed without any legal follow up, regardless of whether they left the place better or worse. The Republic needs to stop allowing this to continue and make members of the Order accountable.”

The Senator has in the past proposed bills that would remove legal and tax exemptions allowed for the Jedi Order, but all have failed to pass in the Senate. A similar bill would likely gain more traction in the new political landscape, after the faction reshuffling pioneered largely by Sandria in 329 ABY. However, commentators are doubtful the Senator’s proposal would gain a majority vote.

Sandria’s political enemies have attacked her comments today, with Senator for Tanaab, Fey Karul, stating the remarks as “more of the same”. She said;

“The Senator for Corellia has repeatedly turned this into a political issue. I think it’s time for her to move pass her personal grudges and bias against the Jedi Order as well as reconsider her priorities and start actually represent the people.

Sandria has a new memoir coming out next year that details, she describes, theĀ  “scandal” of her time with the Alzoc III branch, where one student reportedly committed suicide. The Senator has teased she will talk about her relationship with the deceased and how she felt his death was a result of poor care and neglect.