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330.13 // Rising Tensions on the Border


Earlier today, the Republic increased military presence along the border between Republic and Empire in the Raiobollo sector. There have been rumors the government in place on Dantooine is leaning towards joining the Empire, leaving many to wonder what will happen to the Jedi Enclave there.

In addition, countless planets have seceded from the Republic in the past few cycles, affirming they would not be leaving to join the Empire due to the increased tension between the parties. However, Gravlex Med announced their secession with the Republic, then joined the Empire shortly after its denying they would. The list is as follows:

Codian Moon, Riflor, Ansion, Esfandia, Bimmiel, Seranno, Ord Radama, Felucia, Galidraan, Rhen Var, and Bimmisaari.