JEDI HoloNet

331.10 // The Plague

Today the Secretary for Health, Kov Glorin, informed the people of the Republic the feverish illness is treatable and somewhat preventable, but no cure has been found.

Cases have spread drastically in the core. Consequently, this outbreak is now an epidemic. Take under advisement it is now against Republic law to enter or leave the core worlds under quarantine. The military has been set in place to ensure full cooperation, so the Republic may better contain and study this disease.

Secretary Glorin advised to visit the nearest pharmaceutical center to acquire a rebreather and gloves to better your chances of not obtaining the illness. Cases have shown if it goes untreated, it can possibly result in death. Glorin said he and his health advisers can not determine what the illness is attacking specifically. It starts from the lungs, then spreads in a cancerous manner. Glorin conveyed his deepest sympathies and ensured their drive to find a cure is unrelenting.