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331.28 // Republic Senator’s Residence Attacked?

Reporting live outside the residence of Senator Rita Sandria, Deputy Leader of the United Republic Coalition, where a violent confrontation reportedly took place in the early hours of this morning, Corellian time. We have recently received confirmation of reports of a physical altercation from within the Senator’s residence, coming directly from Senator Sandria’s Chief Security Officer, who called law enforcement onto the scene. In addition to this confirmation, he also provided us with the following image, taken from the moment of the attack:


He had this to say, only moments ago:

“We can confirm that the assailant, who trespassed onto Senator Sandria’s property was a Jedi. At first he left peacefully but later returned and broke into the manor to confront the Senator, where she was forced to defend herself. I watched as she successfully fended him off. Once defeated, security escorted him out, peacefully, under the Senator’s instruction.”

So far, no one has filed any charges against the unidentified intruder.

The Senator has yet to make any public appearances since the attack, but it’s been reported that a robed man of Rattataki heritage, entered the building shortly after media arrived on the scene.

Whether the authorities within the Jedi Order were aware of this has yet to be established, but many are concerned over why a Jedi has targeted an anti-Jedi-Order campaigner. Could this mark a turning point in relations between the Republic and the Jedi Order?

More on this story as it develops.