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330.08 // Piracy in the Outer Rim

Troubling news in the outer rim territories today as a string of attacks on trade routes between Tiss’sharl and Ord Radama escalate into violence. The most recent attack was on a trade ship bound for the local system of Thila. Tiss’hari officials state that the pirates have become increasingly violent, forcefully boarding the ships and stealing the precious cargo. Reports come after a hijacking of a vessel resulted in three deceased and several injured. The merchants state, “We aren’t standing for this anymore. No system wants to side with us, so we’re taking things into our own hands. If it means violence, so be it. This is our livelihood.”

Tiss’hari officials have condemned the pirates, as a parliamentary vote is scheduled to mark the involvement of the government in these clashes, and secure a safer passage in this region. The Republic recognises Tiss’sharl’s condemnation and talks are ongoing as to the involvement of Republic forces.