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329.05 // Senate Factions Revolt Against Chief of State


For several terms, the current Chief of State has ruled with the support of a Senate majority. However, the current leadership of the Republic, and it’s longstanding mandate, have been challenged as senate factions reorganize to form a new coalition of affiliate members. This news comes at terrible timing, as political leaders of the Republic continue to struggle with the flu crisis in the core.

The coalition is lead by a long time opponent of the current elected body, Senator Kel Farlen of Onderon. Farlen, so far, has refused to vote in favour of a single piece of legislation proposed by the current Chief of State’s legislative board. Though, what comes as a major shock, according to political commentators, is the decision to place former Jedi Knight Rita Sandria, Senator of Corellia, as the deputy leader of the new coalition, titled the “United Republic Coalition”.

There is much speculation as to Senator Sandria’s reasons for betraying her once political allies, as she was formerly a member of factions backing the current Chief of State. It has been said Senator Farlen and Senator Sandria primarily bonded over their contempt for the Jedi Order and the need to increase military funding.

Other notable members of the coalition include Senator Karssk of Trandosha and Senator Tex Liezal of Iridonia.

Ithorian Senator Morat Hoorza has described this alliance as “horribly dysfunctional” and predicts internal battles will cause it to disband before the next election. However, this move by Senator Farlen and Senator Sandria has significantly increased their popularity back on their homeworlds, ensuring that their seats in the Senate will at least be safe for another term.