JEDI HoloNet

328.27 // A Cold War?

The Republic continues to face difficult challenges with the secession of several Republic systems and the failing struggle to eradicate the dangerous outbreaks of illness in significant core systems. Consequential signs of envy for the New Empire, have risen, as Imperial systems reportedly enjoy better economic and political stability since their separation at the end of the Attrition Wars.

In addition, the Empire is superior militaristically. Their arsenal and technology are grandiose compared to our own. It leaves many systems uncertain of safety in the case of a possible war between the New Empire and Republic. Not to mention life sustainability against this dreadful disease that plagues the core.

Even though the battle seems inevitable, as the Empire flaunts their military and diplomatic power at opportunity, the Republic doesn’t seem remotely interested in fighting. They have made no effort to rival the Empire’s technology and prowess.

It leaves many questioning why the Republic and not the Empire?