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325.07 // Commission into Industry Corruption


Today the Republic Senate announced a commission into core-world based companies. The move was prompted by fresh allegations regarding the super-profit corporation, Agos Co, whom has been caught out attempting to influence the votes of senators, through illicit means. The Senate membership was originally meant to vote on a bill that proposes sanctions on the purchase of public assets by Agos Co, but that has been delayed so that the commission can go ahead.

Agos Co has for, some time now, been trying desperately to purchase public assets from the Republic, allowing them control over water supply to over six systems. However, they denied all proposed regulations making them targets from Senate factions. Among the most outspoken of these senators, Airen Warren, spoke to media today about the commission; “We have fought so hard for this. It has been long overdue and I will make every effort to ensure that this commission is conducted properly”.

Senator Rita Sandria, another outspoken Senate representative in favour of the sanctions on Agos Co, was unable to speak to media as she faces allegations regarding improper conduct in a Coruscant detention centre. Although there has been no charges laid against her at this stage, her staff professed her innocence before denying to comment further.

Public opinion has rallied against Agos Co, as the suspicious death of three senators, who stood alongside Senator Warren and Sandria, has left many wondering if the company was responsible.