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325.04 // Core Killer Caught!

Coruscant’s Security Force have solved the “Killer in the Core” case, subsiding fears of the serial killer in the quiet yet aristocratic suburb in sector 0023.

Security were seen with renown Jedi Investigator, Jao Ryn, who earlier today left the “Tatooine Suns Condominiums and Spa” with alleged serial killer who has been identified as Xen Kedrim.

Chief Locier said at a press conference that ‘they were able to identify the serial killer as Xen Kedrim due to Master Ryn’s ability to scrutinize evidence with a sharp mind and flare of the Force.’

Xen Kedrim, 62, has a history of domestic abuse, specifically beating his wife to death under the accusation that his wife cheated on him with a member of the law enforcement.

When security stormed into the condominium, law enforcement, with the aid of Ryn, were able to find an unlicensed blaster that the security force have evidence to believe to be the murder weapon.

Xen Kedrim has been arrested for first-degree murder. He is currently awaiting trial with the foreboding judgement of possible death.

Until then, the Galaxy will be holding its breath as we wait for the most anticipated trial of the decade to ensue.