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322.27 // Talz Gang Demands Humans Leave Alzoc III


Unusual news out of the Capital today, as a gang of Talz based in the Esk Borough of the city have offered an ultimatum: for all Humans and their genetic cousins to leave the planet immediately or face deadly consequences.

The farfetched demand comes without any prior notoriety on the part of the Talz gang, which is known as the “Homeland Esks” to local authorities. Up to this point, the gang, which consists of no more than two dozen individuals and has historically operated in relative seclusion, has been responsible for crimes no more heinous than petty theft. However, it appears that there has been a sudden change of focus, as the Esks may be seeking legitimacy amid plans by the Capital to completely renovate the borough, which would result in the temporary displacing of its residents—including the Esks.

In response to the issued threat, Captain Elros Khien of the Alzoc Security Forces assured citizens that there was little for them to fear: “In spite of the bravado, the Homeland Esks are no more than minor criminals whose pride has been upset by the loss of their claimed territory. Human and Near-Human citizens have nothing to fear for their safety and well-being, as we have deployed a supplementary unit of peace-keeping droids with a supervisory officer in the area to ensure no harm comes to any individual. Furthermore, the City Council has requested that I reiterate public knowledge that relations between the Alzoc government and the native Talz population remain friendly and co-operative as always.”

In conjunction with the press conference, the A.S.F issued a warrant of arrest for Oerl Tan, the leader of the Homeland Esks who is suspected of having issued the public threat. He is reported to have dyed, red fur on his head as a distinguishing marker. If you happen to see Mister Tan, please take appropriate action and alert the A.S.F. immediately.