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322.28 // Civil War Erupts On Iridonia


As issues for the Republic continue to accumulate, a recent warning to wayfarers of Republic space was issued regarding one of two home worlds to the Zabraki culture, Iridonia. While the planet and its people are often described as an introverted race, Republic Naval Officials today announced its controversial move to establish a temporary blockade around the system that will act as a military picket line, regulating relief supplies entering the system and ensuring no materials are sent down that could potentially fuel the conflict. With information concerning casualties limited, there has been confirmation that the Shar’Vintash clan was wiped out completely. There were no known survivors, making them the first major loss in the confrontation.

Four other larger clans are known to the region; those of the Be’Tominyet, the Ul’Narit, the Rak’Slaret and the Tul’Vyi. During the senatorial meeting earlier today in which the incident was brought to public light, it was made clear that the situation on Iridonia is becoming an ever growing problem. With the conflict not showing signs of subsiding, trade routes between the four warring parties have become the cause of further aggression rather than co-operation.

The Officer of the Republic’s Naval Operation over Iridonia, Lexther Rom, has urged all traversing the system to steer clear of Iridonia in his public statement: “Until tensions ease we cannot emphasize enough the dangers caused by the instability in the region. If you can, stay away.”

With strict sanctions placed on those entering Iridonia, the planet’s economy faces a catastrophic decline that experts say will take a generation to repair.