JEDI HoloNet

322.25 // Desertion!


It was early this morning that Rylos Vin, former Jedi Padawan Learner and Lieutenant Commander of the 191st Infantry Division in the Alliance-Commonwealth Coalition forces, was exiled by the High Council of the Jedi Order. Vin was then released to the Galactic Republic Naval Judiciary Branch to be court-martialed under the charge of “Dereliction of Duty”. The Naval Office states it has reason to believe that Commander Vin “left his post with neither orders nor intent on returning” during the Mandalorian sieges of Mon Calamari. Though no official sentence has been issued it is likely the former Jedi will face both a dishonorable discharge and incarceration. How long Vin will be committed to a military detention facility, if convicted, remains undetermined.

Listed as Missing In Action during the siege on Mon Calamari, Rylos Vin recently resurfaced on the planet of Handooine. Attempting to create ID Docs under a false identity, Vin was electronically flagged and immediately taken into custody by local law enforcement officers. He was held in the spaceport until Jedi from Ossus arrived to transport him back to Coruscant to be put on before the Jedi High Council.

The question as to why Rylos Vin fled the battle of Mon Calamari remains unanswered as the military courts are not forthcoming with information at this time. In light of these events concerns are raised; What does the Republic have to hide in regard to Coalition military personnel who are still considered missing? Do the military courts reserve the right to prosecute for such crimes that occurred before it’s reorganization into the New Galactic Republic? Time will tell as this case draws to a close.

Hoping to keep the Galaxy informed;

This is Ler Voon…

Signing off.