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322.25 // Senate Representatives to meet Mandalorians

After several years of border skirmishes with pirates and even the Republics own Defense Forces, the Mandalorians finally seem willing to engage in diplomatic talks with members of the Republic Senate.

With Mandalorian patrols stretching further past the armistice line each month since the formal end to the war, the Senate issued a final warning last night, threatening a possible return to hostilities if Mandalorian naval forces continued to venture accross the border. Surprisingly the Mandalorians appear to have taken this to heart, withdrawing the greater majority of their patrols back within their own territories and requesting a ‘face-to-face meeting with someone who can speak for the Republic.’

Where this meeting will occur and when are not yet known and the location will undoubtedly be subject to intense to security once a date is decided. For now however it seems a return to war is looking less likely.

More to come..