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322.17 // Bespin Citizen Honors the Sacrifice of Jedi


It was nearly 80 standard years ago that the Jedi Temple of Bespin was demolished in order to placate citizens who were no longer willing to subsidize the institution. Unfortunately, since that time, multiple conflicts and wars have engulfed galactic civilization, the galaxy’s Jedi participating in some form during each event. Whether they have been seen as heroes or villains, as convenient scapegoats or stalwart defenders, it is without a doubt that our lives would be much different without the Jedi Order being part of our history.

Ukase Jar-Vim, a wealthy, retired businessman born and raised on Bespin’s Cloud City, remembers the Jedi’s stay on the planet rather fondly. “When I was just a sproutling, my friends and I would often walk by the Temple, hoping to sneak a peek over the walls. One day when I was alone and trying to spy on their training, I lost my balance and fell off the rampart, only to have one of the Jedi catch me in midair. From then on, I’ve always seen the Order’s presence as a good thing, in spite of the poison that’s been spit from the mouths of politicians throughout time.”

In spite of the Jedi Order continuing to be a controversial organization, Jar-Vim has commissioned a statue to honor the Jedi to be erected adjacent to the Temple’s old grounds, which today houses a popular mall. The statue will, according to Jar-Vim, be made of iron to represent “the durability of Jedi Knights” and will be formed after the vague likeness of the Jedi that rescued him from his fall—a muscle-bound Human male with short, cropped hair.

“I at least hope that the citizens of Cloud City will look upon the figure and remember that we owe much of our livelihood to the sacrifice of Jedi”, says Jar-Vim. “Whether these sacrifices are shown in moments of greatness or in flashes of anonymity, I believe that the Jedi will always be here to keep us churning.”