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324.11 // Bank Robbery on Corellia


Early this morning, heavily armed men executed a robbery on one of Coronet’s major banking and loan centers with a lightsaber-wielder reportedly leading the band.

We were able to acquire this statement from one of the bank tellers who was in transit to being processed by local authorities:

“I was in mid discussion with a client when a substantial chunk of the bank was blown right off! Everyone dropped to the floor and it wasn’t long before four men, one of which was a Jedi I think, broke into the bank through the rubble! He was  holding one of those colorful swords the Jedi are known for. Lightsabers, I believe?

A fight broke out. The man with the lightsaber blocked incoming shots as he charged and eventually cut several guards right down, before his accomplices blasted down the rest!

Soon after, one of the robbers held one of my colleagues at gun point, ordering her to shut down the security system to the vault or he’d take her out! She complied, and by doing that these thugs were able to gain access to everything that was held in the vault.

They took a only small amount of what was in there, but it was all worth substantial credits nonetheless. They knew CorSec would be coming in on them soon. They left the scene, and well… that’s the last I saw of them! CorSec came charging in several minutes later, but it was already too late. The Jedi and his cohorts made off with our client’s credits.

At least most of us are alive, right?”

Coronet is currently on high security alert until these men are caught.

Neither CorSec or the Jedi Order have released any statement on the matter as of yet; however, it is believed (although not presently confirmed) that CorSec is deliberating with the Jedi Order on the case.

Is this yet another example of Jedi negligence in regard to keeping track of those who leave their Order? You decide.

Hoping to keep the Galaxy informed, this is Ular Tenn…

Signing off.