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315.12 // A.S.F Respond to Robberies


A series of robberies in the Alzoc III Capital have been officially linked together in a report released publicly by the Alzoc Security Force. Renowned crime profilers and forensics have compiled their findings to reveal the crimes were connected; though specifics have not yet been released.

The most troubling element of the report, experts say, is the stock local vendors described missing after the robberies were carried out. The report seems to consider the possibility that profit was not the aim of the illusive thieves and instead suggests the stolen materials could be used in a home-explosive operation. When questioned further about this, the Alzoc Security Force refused to comment further, claiming everything they wished to say was already outlined in their report.

Residents of the Capital are extremely dissatisfied with the lack of information released despite the major implications of an imminent terror attack, however the tension among vendor owners has eased considering the robberies have seemingly ceased for the time being.