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314.13 // Skirmish over Telos

Galactic News correspondents in the Outer Rim Territories are making reports of a skirmish between elements of the Mandalorian military and the Telos Sector Defense Fleet. Telosian Security Forces originally deployed in response to an exchange of turbolaser fire between unidentified vessels operating along the Northern borders of their sector. Upon arrival they discovered a small Mandalorian naval detachment engaged with a group of starships believed to be involved in acts of piracy.

Disregarding commands to withdraw and ignoring warning shots issued from the Telosian fleet, the Mandalorian vessels held their position.  After final calls to surrender, the Mandalorian warships opened fire on the Telosian Security Force before withdrawing back to Mandalorian space.

The Senate has called for an emergency meeting to discuss the escalating problems with the Mandalorians, as well as possible solutions. It is also reported that representatives of the Jedi Order have been called on to assist the Senate in this delicate time.