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313.19 // Honoring Kai-Munn Vill

Portrait of Kai-Munn Vill painted at the conclusion of the Attrition War


Jedi Master, Kai-Munn Vill, became one with the Force recently due to natural causes. Jedi Master Kai-Munn Vill was the respected Battlemaster of the Ossus Temple. He was known as the ”The Sapphire Blur” during the time of the war, entitled by Master Phoe Nhix for being among the fastest Jedi of this era, in addition to his unforgettable sapphire lightsaber blade that made the enemy take a step back before approaching him. He was known to be cunning, ambitious, and an incomparable mentor. After the Attrition War, he was recognized for his skill and valor, thus, he was given the title of Battlemaster by the Head Battlemaster on Coruscant. The Head Battlemaster gave him the sacred duty of protecting the Ossus Temple and teaching the new generation on how to wield a lightsaber. In remembrance, there will be a ceremony held soon in his honor in the Temple of Ossus.