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306.14 // Trouble On The Frontier

News from the Galactic North today with reports that an Imperial picket-fleet and a routine Republic patrol traded salvo’s within the Raioballo sector, with some sources going so far as to claim it was within the limits of the Dantooine System.

While none of the responsible vessels were reported destroyed or captured on either side this has only led to tension arising between the two states over the current secessionary crisis. Both the Republic Senate and the Imperial Moff High Council have been quick to play this event down as little more than ‘understandable tension over an uncertain future between our two states.’

While the Moff High Council refused to state explicitly what Imperial ships were doing in a sector still officially within the Republics domain they did make clear that there are ‘Imperial citizens residing on Dantooine from the time of the war who by right are entitled to the protection of the Imperial Armed Forces.’  As a result of the escalating crisis there are talks that both Chief of State Malucia and the newly crowned Emperor Irattn Fel will be meeting to finally attempt to draw to a close the rising tensions between both powers.

With Dantooine still a steadfast Republic supporter and a Jedi Enclave located on the planet, it is uncertain as to how these events may unfold.