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306.13 // The Republic Fractures Further

The Republic continues to break apart as earlier today, Senators from Belkadan, Yaga Minor and Muunilinst walked out of this mornings Senate session. Within hours all three worlds declared their secession and their support for the Empire with their colony worlds, Mygeeto in particular, declaring for the Empire also.

While this may not come as a complete surprise for many, the secession of Muunilinst, one of the galaxies leading economical centres has severely dented an already highly fragile economy and as a result, the stock-market plummeted severely following this mornings announcement. Their declaration this morning caused mass protests both within the Senate building and without, one un-named Senator even going so far as to declare them ‘traitors’ and stating that they are ‘guilty of treason’.

Apparently, of concern to a number of Senators, is the silence and complete lack of input or opinion of the Senator of Corellia who, when asked about his thoughts on the situation, has consistently refused to be let known his own thoughts or the thoughts of his world on this crisis.

While discontent across the Republic continues to fester as a result of the treaty that brought an end to the war, the continued state of the Republic remains uncertain. What is certain though is that with worlds continuing to secede, the military being largely down-sized and the economy in near total ruin, the Republic stands almost completely un-equipped should the treaty fall apart.

Where the Jedi Order will stand should this occur is not yet known.