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306.16 // Borders Decided Upon By Both The Republic And The Empire

Cheering erupted across both Coruscant and Bastion today as talks between both Chief of State Malucia and Emperor Irattn Fel drew to a close. With the close of these talks the borders between the two powers have been finalised and both states have formally agreed to the boundaries of both their own authority and the authority of their neighbour. Present at the talks were not only the Chief of State and the Emperor themselves but representatives from the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, officially serving as ‘impartial mediators’ to the proceedings.

Marginal, limited access was also granted to Imperial Fleet and Army personnel in the Raioballo Sector as a response to concerns voiced by the Imperial Moff High Council over its people still residing on Dantooine. While the sector is not officially a ‘buffer zone’ between the two powers and the sector is still a staunch supporter of the Republic, the Empire has been given leeway to police and protect its own citizens residing there, within the bounds of Republic law.

While formal trade laws and agreements have yet to be decided on by both states, we can all rest easy now with the assurance that the previously looming prospect of war no longer appears to be an issue.