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306.02 // The Empire Officially Becomes a Sovereign State


The status of Bastion as an independent and sovereign world was finally formalised today, amidst the sounds of cheering and celebrating crowds on Bastions streets.

A long-time adversary of the New Republic, both powers came together to fight a common adversary during the Yuuzhan Vong war almost three centuries ago. The Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, as the union of powers came to be officially known, stood as the dominant force and government in the galaxy until the conflict with Darth Krayyt almost a century later and the Commonwealth War of Secession another century after.

The recent “Attrition Wars” left a Bastion much displeased with Alliance rule. Suffering widespread devastation very early in the war, Imperial citizens have long held that their world has received minimal treatment and consideration compared to other similarly devastated worlds such as Dac or Mygeeto. The Imperial government has long held that Alliance relief has been minimal and that their voice in the Alliance Senate has been increasingly marginalised in favour of ‘rising stars’ in the Alliance, notably New Alderaan or Onderon.

Anti-Alliance sentiment reached a height with the signing of the Treaty of Mygeeto, bringing an official end to the war. The majority of Imperial citizens felt angered and betrayed over what they describe as the ‘ridiculously light and shameful’ terms put forth towards the Ascendancy.

With the Empires secession the Republic loses one of its key fortress worlds and shipyards in the galactic North-West as well as one of the Alliance navies and armies largest contributors. News agencies and Republic diplomats are uncertain as to what form the new Empire will take and whether or not they will resurrect some of the Empires more ‘memorable’ institutions from former times like the Imperial Knights. Such a thing would undoubtedly cause a stir among those in the Jedi Order, an institution that has stood unrivalled since the fall of Darth Krayyt.

More news on these developments as it comes…