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306.04 // Hapes Consortium Become Independent Power

The world of Hapes and its colonies have followed Bastions example today and finalised their status as an independent, sovereign people, free of the Galactic Republic and the Senate.

Originally joining with the New Republic out of necessity during the Yuuzhan Vong War, relations with the Hapes Consortium were strengthened greatly in the past by the continued efforts of such notable Jedi Masters as Luke Skywalker. However,┬áincreasing economic woes since the Commonwealth Secessionary War have not been well received by the Queen Mother of Hapes and the recent struggles with ‘Darth Rishi’, followed by the Chiss and Mandalorians have only served to strengthen the Hapan peoples grievances.

Despite the Hapans steadfast dedication to the Alliance war effort during the conflict with the Chiss and Mandalorians, the following weakness of the galactic economy aswell as the ‘weak, pandering treaty’ the Alliance agreed to have left the Hapan people dissatisfied with continued membership. While the Queen Mother insists that the Consortium wishes absolutely no ill-will on the Republic she also made clear her people must ‘follow their own path.’

It is not yet clear what will happen to the numerous Hapans that claim membership within the Jedi Order; whether they will continue their service or return home. What is known however is that from today, the Hapes Consortium stands as an independent power once more.