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304.11 // New Republic Influences Inter-System Trading

After the formation of the New Republic, inter-system trade has fluctuated, particularly in systems such as Fondor and distant Outer Rim Territories system, Eriadu. A Senator from Fondor claims great financial progress has been made following the formation of the New Republic, with large surplus in industrial textile trading between neighbouring systems.

“The recent unity of the New Galactic Republic has introduced relations between previously un-connected systems, which have spiked interests in reconstruction to economy in the solution of industrial development. Fondor has introduced unionised reforms which focus on assisting systems still suffering from recession caused by the recent hostile engagements. Our goal is to continue our co-operation with neighbouring systems, to encourage development and eventually restore the stability of economy and trade within the sector for the future. The Fondorian government recognises the issues that exist, and promises to maintain production and introduce further reforms to combat recession.” – Senator Cira Kohren.