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306.18 // Decapitated Body Found In Basement

This just in, appeals are being made to the public of Eriadu after the decapitated body of a man was found hidden in the basement of his home. The body was found when concerned relatives, who had not heard from him for some time, raised the alarm regarding his apparent disappearance.

Judlin Yusk, 35,¬†was a pilot for a company which is known for the transport of commercial goods using many of trade routes which cross Eriadu, routes such as the Rimma Trade Route, the Hydian Way, the Lipsec Run, and the Yankirk Route. Work colleagues said Judlin was a friendly character, usually in good spirits and enthusiastic about his work, being a keen and hard working pilot. His body was found hidden in amongst house hold items and furniture stored in the basement, his head severed from his body. Not much else is known about the state of Judlin’s body, but sources have indicated that the authorities are curious with regards to the apparent lack of blood found at the crime scene, remarking that it seems the head was surgically removed from the torso using tools and in a professional like manner.

It is said that the relatives believe that Judlin had begun dating a woman shortly before his disappearance and the local authorities are said to be very keen in speaking with her. At this time, there are no details as to who this woman is and the authorities are appealing for any witnesses to come forward with any information relating to Judlin or this mysterious woman.