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306.19 // An Unsolved Robbery On Corellia?

News from Corellia, reports of a robbery in one of the largest branches in Crescent City has come to light under the most mysterious of circumstances. It is said that like all similar crimes of this nature, large amounts of credits have been taken and, while hostages were taken whilst inside the bank, all remained relatively unharmed as CorSec forced their way inside.

However, it was what they discovered that made this particular case the unsolved mystery that it is now regarded as. All of the would be robbers were found inside the building, sitting in an unlocked room in silence until approached by CorSec officials. Sources also indicate that pictures were taken of the security fields around the banks state of the art vault. Word has it that many of the parts were melted off of the walls at certain points which caused the vault to buckle and peel off.

The security footage was also destroyed.

Not much more is being said, but whispers inside CorSec say that the men being held under suspicion of the robbery do not seem like the type of men capable of said crime.

We will bring you more on this as the investigations continue…