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302.20 // The GA talk with the Ascendancy

New information was released today by the Senate regarding the progress being made in discussions between the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and the Chiss Ascendancy since their surrender.

While we have not been permitted to enter Ascendancy space or indeed visit Csilla itself, we have been told that significant changes have been made by means of leading figures in more than one of the Ruling Families, which govern the different systems of the Chiss Ascendancy. Reports are stating that most of the new leadership were permitted to attend the trial of Tesar’etto’nuruodo, the Chiss Cynic who led the Ascendancy invasion forces against the Commonwealth and later the Galactic Alliance. It is said that the Ascendancy’s new leadership openly condemned the actions of Tesar’etto’nuruodo, which split the opinions of both the Chiss Ruling Council and Parliament and suggested this will all but seal the result of his trial.

Leading representatives of the Ascendancy are travelling to meet an Alliance delegation on Mygeeto to finalise the details of a treaty that is not only long overdue but has undergone extensive review. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet as to the stipulations of this treaty but experts say this will include such outcomes as the removal of all military and colonial officials from sovereign Commonwealth and Alliance territories from before the war as well as the release of all remaining prisoners of war.

We believe this to be only a formality in the process but reviews are being permitted on both sides to ensure that the interests of the citizens are kept within an agreed mutual consensus.